To make a consultation with either Dr. Barahona or Dr. Zakari, contact them directly through email or at the phone numbers below. The consultation process takes on average between one to three sessions. The purpose of these initial sessions is for the client to have an opportunity to describe what the current issues are and to discuss with the therapist what the proper course of treatment will be. The confidentiality policy will be described in more detail in the initial appointment. At the end of the consultation process, a verbal assessment will be provided, along with recommendations for treatment and referrals if necessary.

Psychiatric or medical records are not required, but clients may bring them in for review if they choose.



Both Dr. Barahona and Dr. Zakari accept private pay. Fees are dependent on frequency of session, and will be discussed in the first interview.

Both Dr. Barahona and Dr. Zakari accept most insurance plans.


About psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

In psychoanalytic psychotherapy, clients meet once or twice weekly with their therapist to talk about what they are feeling and struggling with. The goal is to allow a clearer assessment of these issues develop into a deeper understanding about what belongs to the past, and what pertains to the here and now. Through this process clients are able to see current and past conflicts in a more balanced perspective, being better informed on how they are affected by these issues, and in turn, learning how to manage them in a more adaptive way. In psychoanalysis, this process goes deeper, and the frequency of sessions may increase. To find out more about psychoanalysis, see The American Analytic Association.